What is StreamAlerts?
It’s an app for Shopify stores that sends alerts of products bought to your live stream.

Can I have Multiple Alerts?
Yes! We offer three tiers. We kept in mind of the streamer, the entrepreneur, and the large company. 

Do I need Streamlabs for these alerts?
No! We felt we didn’t want to limit anyone to one software for alerts. If you can add a browser source into your streaming software this is for you. All major streaming software can do this, from OBS to XSplit!

Are the alerts customizable?
Absolutely! Change font, colors,and even upload your own custom sound, plus much,much more!!

Do I need to customize each alert for each partner? 

Nope! You can share the alert link to them and they can customize their alert from their side. 

Will they get separate alerts from their sales? 
We kept this in mind as we also stream. You can select which collection/Code they will get alerts from. 
(Ex. Streamer A, will only get Streamer A collection/Code alerts. Streamer B Will Only get their alerts.)

No cross advertisement (unless you want it) 

Can I have their Viewer Username show up on screen when they buy something? 

YES!  Go here for instructions.

How much does it cost?
There is a 14 day free trial and then Shopify will charge you $8.99 per month for single alert. 11.99 per month for 2-10 alerts, or 24.99 for unlimited alerts.

 Try it out for free!


What if I’m offline?
Enable Queuing and we will hold alerts for when you go online. Exciting right? Don’t worry if you get orders outside of your streaming times, your viewers will still see them!

Can I use this on Mixer?
You can use it on Mixer, Twitch, Dlive, youtube,  or FB Gaming. Just copy the browser source into your streaming platform.

How do alerts help me?
If you are a streamer and sell products on Shopify, there wasn’t a simple way to have stand alone alerts until now.
With StreamAlerts, when a viewer buys a product an alert will show up on screen, which creates Social Proof and instant gratification. Which makes viewers more likely to buy products.