Viewer Username

How to enable Customer Messages

In order for Stream Alerts to include your customer’s messages, we need to add a custom text box to your Shopify Cart Page.

This requires editing your themes cart.liquid template.

Do it yourself:

Step 1: Click Online Store

Step 2: Click Actions

Step 3: Click Edit Code

Step 4: Search for cart.liquid, and possibly cart-template.liquid

Step 5: Insert the code below for the Customer Message and/or Viewer Username input boxes. This code should go somewhere before the checkout button and can be styled however you want if your coding skills allow it.

<!----Viewer Username Input---->
  <p class="cart-attribute__field">
    <label for="viewer_username">Viewer Username:</label>
    <input id="viewer_username" type="text" name="attributes[viewer_username]" value="{{ cart.attributes["viewer_username"] }}">

  <!-- Customer Message Input -->
  <p class="cart-attribute__field">
    <label for="viewer_message">Message to appear on stream:</label>
    <input id="viewer_message" type="text" name="attributes[viewer_message]" value="{{ cart.attributes["viewer_message"] }}">

Step 6: Save changes.

Step 7: Let the viewers get their recognition.